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Broke Her Heart All in Pieces

The more a man apprehends of the love of God, and of the
love of Christ
the more that person will grieve and mourn
that he has offended, provoked, and grieved such a Father,
and such a Son. The more clear and certain evidences a man
has of the love and favour of God to his soul, the more that
man will grieve and mourn for sinning against such a God.

There is nothing which thaws and melts the heart, which
softens and breaks the heart
like the warm beams of divine
s you may see in the case of Mary Magdalene. She
loved much, and she wept much
or much was forgiven her.
A sight of the free grace and love of Christ towards her, in an
act of forgiveness, broke her heart all in pieces. A man
cannot stand under the shinings of divine love with a frozen
heart, nor with dry eyes. The more a man sees of the love
of Christ, and the more a man tastes and enjoys of the love
of Christ
he more that man will grieve and mourn for all
the dishonours that he has done to Christ.



“And stood at his feet behind him weeping,


and began to wash his feet with tears,


and did wipe them with the hairs of her head,


and kissed his feet,


and anointed them with the ointment.”


Luke 7:38



(Thomas Brooks, "A Cabinet of Choice Jewels" 1669)

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