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“Little Cade”



(A poem written for Steve & Brenda Knight)


A precious little baby boy
just passed through heaven’s door
fast asleep in, angels arm’s
“safe” forevermore.
As God reached out
to take this “bundle”
tears filled up His eyes,
for deep, inside
He felt the anguish
of His Daddy’s cries.
He cried…
not because He should.
Why? Because He can’t forget
He deeply understood.



A mother’s heart is wounded
with a grief that can’t compare.
Her thoughts — filled with “questions”
contending with despair.
But far away, yet close at hand,
another mother weeps —
whose heart was crushed…
another time —
for a Son she could not keep.
She cried…
not just for ‘sympathy”
not because she should;
Because she can’t forget
…the CROSS.


But little Cade is happy now,
for, he awaits the day…
that he can see his mom and dad.
(And) I can hear him say,
“Help mommy and my daddy…
KNOW…that I’m okay.
Help them know Thy comfort, Jesus.
Give them “peace”,...I pray.”



[By Steve & Shirley Otterbein]
In loving memory of Cade Riley Knight
September 5, 2002 April 3, 2003

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