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 How I respond to everyday living.
How I treat my neighbours. How I treat my body.
How I spend money. Do I give money to the church,
drugs, or sinful objects that add excitement to my life?
He watches my reaction to the utmost
and insignificant jesters that life has to offer.
How I take care of my possessions.
Do I kick animals, or do I treat them with tender care?
Am I abusive to people?
Am I constructive with the quiet time He gives me?
Do I pray? Do I call out His name and ask for His help?
Do I have an ongoing relationship with Satan?
Does astrology slip in and direct my life?
Do I believe in just worldly things,
what I see, what I hear?
He watches how I react to success,
to sickness, to the weather, to the atrocities of life,
to His goodness; He watches.
He watches what I do with His gifts:
the spiritual talent, the mental awareness,
my health, when the Holy Spirit enters my life,
the children He has brought into my life,
and grandchildren, to friends and relatives.
He watches how I respond to the unsaved ones,
to the evil in the world, to the confusion
and chaos that surrounds us all.
He is always in front of that next second.
I cannot run, hide, disappear, from His spiritual eyes.
There is nowhere that He is not always there.
What I do here on earth has eternal rewards in heaven.
There are unheralded responsibilities of grace, joy and laughter.

God watches!

By: Joseph Rotonda

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