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Blessing for Food

Blessing for Food



“[Jesus] looked up to heaven,


and blessed, and brake the loaves...”


—Mark 6:41



A sailor came home from a voyage. He was glad to be home again; it had been so long since he had seen his family! When he arrived at his house, it was late in the evening and the children were already asleep. The sailor’s wife greeted him joyfully, and quickly prepared a plate of food for him. He sat down and began to eat without thanking his heavenly Father who had so kindly provided his daily bread. The next morning, he was greeted by his excited children. Finally, they sat down to eat breakfast. Again, the sailor began to eat without giving thanks. His eldest child, a six-year-old girl, looked at him in astonishment. After a moment, she asked, “Daddy, don’t you ask a blessing on your food?” The sailor was especially fond of his only daughter, and her gentle rebuke pierced his heart. He sat stunned, thinking about her question. The girl turned to her mother as if pleading for support and said, “We pray for our meals now, don’t we, Mommy?” The man’s eyes were riveted on his daughter’s painfilled face, and it suddenly struck him that he had never taught her to pray. He had never set an example for his children by praying with his family when he was at home, even though he had been taught to do so. He laid down his knife and fork, and said to his daughter, “Would you like to ask the blessing this morning, Nancy?” The child, seeing her father waiting for her to begin, put her hands together, bowed her head, and uttered the most trusting prayer the sailor had ever heard. Nancy’s searching question and her simple prayer was the beginning of the sailor’s conversion. God used this little girl to convict the sailor of his godless ways. His thanklessness became his guilt. He confessed his sin and found forgiveness with the Lord Jesus Christ.



Diana Kleyn


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