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Apples of Gold

apples of gold
we can put prayer back in school
outlaw abortion
outlaw homosexual marriage
and balance the budget
and still have people on their way to hell

God's people are not living godly lives
and therefore our world still knows darkness
because there is so little light

the greatest need in the world
isn't better government or more laws
it is knowing Jesus

there is still only one way to the Father
and that is through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ

the most powerful weapon for bringing change to the world
is the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ

the moral and spiritual climate in America
will not be fixed
by a change of administration in Washington DC
for true change only comes
when people are confronted with the message of Jesus Christ
and then surrendering their lives to Him

only repentance and faith in Jesus Christ
leads to the washing away of sin

the problem with our society
is not in how we view sin and morality
as much as how we view God

~ by Lindie

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