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The Mouse

“Wee, Sleekit, Cow’rin’,
Tim’rous Beastie”
The mouse




o wrote Scottish poet Robert Burns in 1785 when, with his plough, he disturbed a mouse’s nest. Moses mentions the mouse as an unclean animal. God decreed certain animals to be clean and others to be unclean, to give the Israelites continual reminders of the difference between holiness and sin. Every time they saw an unclean animal, they were reminded of their own sinful nature.
The mouse, mentioned only six times in Scripture, is a pow­erful picture of sin. It is unclean, and sin is moral uncleanness. While certain animals are found only in some parts of the world, the mouse is to be found everywhere. Sin is universal, for all have sinned.
Burns, described the mouse as sleekit, an old Scottish word for “sneaky.” It darts quickly here and there and can get into a house through the tiniest of openings. How like sin! Give the devil the tiniest opening, and he will invade your life with the mice of sin.
Mice breed rapidly. One undisturbed pair in a house, with sufficient food and water, can multiply to three or four hundred in a year! Sin breeds rapidly, as David discovered when he sinned with Bathsheba. One look multiplied into adultery, lying, murder, and trouble in his own home that lasted for the rest of his life.
Mice are destructive and do great damage. Sin is always destructive and will adversely affect your life. Mice are attrac­tive to some people—they keep little white mice. Sin can be attractive, and people talk of little white lies. Always remember, “Sin fascinates, but then assassinates.”
Mice must be dealt with, or they will overrun the home and destroy the quality of life. Likewise sin must be dealt with. Only Jesus Christ can effectively eradicate sin. “The blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin” (1 John 1:7). Be watchful today! Do not allow the devil’s mice in to ruin your day, or your life.
—Dr. F. McClelland



“Our sorrows are multiplied when our sins are.”

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