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The Church Goes On

He really planned to go to church.
He knew it was important, and would help him in his life,
Because of all the turmoil that he faced, and all the strife.
But somehow days just slipped away, and then the months and years,
While he kept struggling with his guilt, his problems and his fears,
And so, the church went on without him.

He said he soon would go to church.
He oft recalled the childhood times he went to Sunday School,
And how he learned John 3:16, and said the Golden Rule.
And he remembered pictures taken with his blushing bride,
While at the altar vows were said, as they stood side by side.
But now, the church went on without him.

He truly meant to go to church.
He worked so many hours each week, and when the weekend came,
He needed time just to relax, or practice his golf game.
And there were dozens of small tasks that he alone could do.
Before he even finished them, his weekend time was through.
And so, the church went on without him.

He promised he would go to church.
When friends and family begged him, he had lots of reasons why
The time was not convenient, but it would be by and by.
Soon things would settle down, and he would have more time to do
The countless tasks that he'd put off, and some that were brand new.
But still, the church went on without him.

He finally went to church.
His friends all came to see him, and to say a last farewell.
And many eyes were teary as they heard his funeral knell.
They thought of all the wasted years, and blessings cast aside,
Because he thought he'd find the time for church before he died.
And still, the church goes on without him.

Author Unknown

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