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Our Father

“Our Father in Heaven”

 There was once a family who lived on the Isle of Wight in England. The family consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Winslow, and one little girl named Lily. Mr. Winslow had gone to America to buy a farm and build a house before he returned to escort his wife and daughter to their new home in a new country. He had written that everything was ready and that he hoped to be home for Christmas. Then the three of them would sail for America. But Christmas came and went without Mr. Winslow’s return. Day after day, and week after week passed, but still he did not come home. Mrs. Winslow and Lily, of course, were very worried. At last, the sad news reached them that the ship he had sailed on had been wrecked, and that all on board, except for three sailors, were drowned. What a dreadful blow that was to Mrs. Winslow and little Lily! At the end of the first day after hearing the news, Lily kneeled down by her mother’s side to pray before going to sleep. Mrs. Winslow was crying, and tears streamed down Lily’s cheeks as well. She tried, between sobs, to say the words she had been taught. Almost before she knew it, she found herself saying, “God bless my dear father.” Mrs. Winslow stroked her daughter’s head, and said, “O Lily, my darling, you can’t say that anymore. You have no father anymore.” Lily was silent. She didn’t know what to say. Then she began to recite the familiar words of the Lord’s Prayer. “Our Father, which art in heaven.” How beautiful those words seemed to Lily then! She felt she had never truly understood their meaning, or how sacred they were until that evening. She stopped a while to think about them. Then she said them over again. She said them a third time, “Our Father, which art in heaven.” Then she looked up into her mother’s sorrowful face, and said, “Oh, Mother! We do have a Father! God is our Father! Jesus said so. He told us to pray to ‘our Father in heaven.’” Then she said these precious words once more. Lily couldn’t say any more of the prayer. These words were enough. The grieving mother and daughter found comfort in the knowledge that they had a Father in heaven who couldn’t be drowned, who never sleeps. He is the best Father. Do you love this heavenly Father? Do you know Him?
Adapted from Bible Blessings,
by Rev. R. Newton

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