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Christmas: Room For Christ?




By nature we are no better than the world around us. Nor are we more open for the reception of Jesus than was the world into which the Child was born. Note carefully what Luke 2:7 says, ‘And she...,laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.”
No room for them! There was room for the rich traveler, but not for poor Joseph and Mary despite her being in the final stages of her pregnancy How deeply symbolic the innkeeper’s rejection of the Christ-child is of the enmity and rejection of Jesus in our hearts by nature! How dead we are in trespasses and sin — so dead that we have no room for the Prince of Life!
Do we ever comprehend our own blindness and poverty in our lack of room for Jesus? Here our depravity climaxes in stark unbelief. No room for Jesus! No room for the one thing needful! No room for the prime purpose and meaning of life! No room for the unveiling of the world’s greatest miracle and mystery! No room for the Messiah who is God’s unspeakable gospel tidings! No room for the Prince of glory as a Babe in a manger! No room for the immortal Son clothed with the rags of mortality!
Dear friend, given our desperate need for Jesus by nature, is not this truth most staggering: no room for Jesus Christ, the only Savior?
Do you know what we all need? We all need the Holy Spirit to show us that we have no room for Jesus in our natural hearts. Paradoxically through becoming aware of our lack of room for Christ, spiritual room can be formed by the Spirit in the “inn” of our hearts. Our nature defiantly posts “NO VACANCY” signs for Jesus, but the Spirit’s convicting and enlightening work changes our signs to “FULL VACANCY”. By nature we have room for everything and everyone except Jesus, but the Spirit instructs us that we need nothing and no one else than Jesus.
By convicting us of sin, the Holy Spirit leads us to need the Christ-child as sole deliverer. He makes room for both God’s promise and His Bethlehem Child by stripping away all grounds of salvation in us, including our prayers, religion, piety, reformation, humility, love, and repentance.

The Spirit teaches poor sinners like us, that Christ is needed on all fronts. For guilt, there is Christ’s reconciling blood. For the law, Christ is law-fulfiller and curse bearer. For conscience, there is no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus (Rom. 8:1). For God’s attributes, righteousness and peace are met together in Him (Ps. 85:10). For punishment, Christ’s suffering is sufficient to cleanse from all sin. For death, hell, and grave, Christ has the keys in His hand (Rev. 1:18). In short, the Holy Spirit forms within sinners the heartfelt cry, “Give me Jesus, else I die.”

Dr. J. R. Beeke - "Knowing and Living the Christian Life"

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