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Come Thou into the Ark


 - Genesis 7:1 -






As God in His mercy called Noah to come into the ark prepared for him and his household, to save him from drowning in the great deluge, so God by the gospel calls you, O man, to come into the Ark, Christ cruci­fied, which He has provided for perishing sinners, to save them from the deluge of wrath that is coming.


God has long forewarned you of it. Nay the flood is beginning to rise. It is time for you to flee to this Ark. Believe it, there is no other way for your safety. The ark of your prayers, or of your tears, convictions, or refor­mation, will not save you from it. Nothing will do it but the Ark Christ.

As all who were out of Noak’s ark perished in the flood, so will all perish who are out of Christ. These of


the old world, who only came near to the ark, or touched the outside of it, they perished if they did not enter into it. So in like manner will these perish, who only came near Christ by an outward profession, and are not found in Him by a true faith.


As the ark gave a good account of all that entered into it, not one of them was lost in the flood, so will Christ give a good account at the last day of all that fly to Him by faith. None shall pluck them out of His hand, not one of them shall perish in the deluge of wrath. Christ will present them all safe to His Father, “Behold here am I, and the children Thou hast given Me.”


As Noah’s ark was accessible and had a door in it for people to enter, so in a crucified Jesus there is a door of access opened, even a “door of faith”, whereby poor sinners of the Gentiles may have access to Christ, and to God in Him, Acts 14:27.


As Paul and Barnabas rehearsed it as glad tidings to the church, that God had opened the door of faith unto the Gentiles, so we Gentile sinners should gladly re­ceive the news. Glory to God in the highest for opening this door of faith, and keeping it still open to perishing sinners. Come then O Gentile sinner, enter in by this door to the Ark, and lodge your soul within it, that you may be safe from the flood of wrath that is coming upon the ungodly world. God forbid you be found hovering without the Ark, until the flood come and wash you off from the very sides of it.


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