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 The Dead Sea

The shore of the Dead Sea is the lowest place on the land surface of the earth.
This sea is also the saltiest body of water in the worls,
and nine times saltier than the oceans!
It is so salty that it is impossible for a human swimmer to sink in it.
During the Roman sege of Jerusalem in A.D. 70,
a Roman commander sentenced some prisoners to death
by having them thrown into the Dead Sea.
The condemned men were thrown in from a hill,
but they did not drown.
Several times they were pulled out and tossed in again,
yet each time they bobbed to the surface.
The commander was impressed by this seeming miracle,
since he did not understand its cause,
and he pardoned the prisoners.






The civilization of the Egyptians

was already an ancient one by the time
Joseph arrived there
some 3,650 years ago.
The first pyramid was built about five thousand years ago.
It is known as the Step Pyramid
because it rises in a series of steps or terraces
to a height of 250 feet,
much like the ziggurats of Babylon.



The Great Pyramid of Cheops at Giza,


Built only a few hundered years after the Step Pyramid,
was the tallest structure ever erected until the nineteenth century.
It rises to a height of 481 feet,
and it’s base is 756 blocks of stone,
many blocks weighing as much as five hundred pounds.
This pyramid was buildt with no other mechanical equipment
than the lever and the roller,
because at that time
the Egyptians had not yet learned the use of the wheel.




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