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He Is All In All






He came that we might have life;

came to procure it for us as our Priest,

to announce it as our Prophet, to produce it as our King;

to obtain it by His blood,

to publish it by His gospel,

to bestow it by His Spirit.

He is therefore called this life itself in the abstract:

when He Who is our life shall appear,

we shall also appear with Him in glory.

But how many neglect Him,

and compel Him to complain,

“Ye will not come unto Me that ye might have life.”

Hence the heinousness of their guilt,

and the dreadfulness of their condemnation.

Whatever difficulties attend this truth,

In connection with any other,

they attach only to the explanation,

not the fact itself.

Nothing can be clearer,

from the Scripture,

than that they who thus perish will destroy themselves,

and be treated as spiritual suicides.

But if we desire this life,

can we suppose the Saviour will refuse us,

when we go to Him for the very purpose for which He came?

Did He ever refuse any?

Can He refuse any?

He cannot,

He has bound Himself:

“He that cometh unto Me,


I will in no wise cast out.”


Rev. Wm. Jay


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