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Look Up!


 “Can you climb?” a captain asked a sailor boy soon after taking him out in his ship. The boy determined to show the captain that he was an able sailor, and began climbing the mast. The poor boy began to feel dizzy as he went higher and higher. He looked down and saw the dark waters swirling around the ship. Finally, clinging tightly to the mast, he called out, “Sir, I think I’m going to fall!”
“Look up, my boy!” shouted the captain encouragingly
The boy obeyed. He looked away from the waters below, and successfully made it to the crow’s nest.
So it is with believers. When they look down, and see the waves, they fear; or, like Peter, they begin to sink. But when they “look up,” and keep their eyes fixed on Jesus, the difficulty is overcome.


Adapted from 6000 Sermon Illustrations by Lion Foster, Grand Rapids:
Baker Book House.

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