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Psalm 46


For us our God is firm support,
stronghold and fortress, certain help,
wherein our plight we shall possess
a present refuge, haven safe.
Whence firm assurance we will have,
even when we will see the earth
trembling and quaking, now removed,
mountains now hiding in the sea.

While seas are loudly thundering,
as if with anger fierce they swell:
and lofty crags reverberate,
are battered, toppled by the waves
the chosen city of our god,
house to which He has given rain:
gentle and clear her stream will be,
and ever gladden her abode.

While God the Lord is in her midst
firm and unmoved she will remain:
to aid her in both time and place
from early morning He will watch,
all pagan nations storm with rage,
kingdoms have been in trouble thrown,
but God chastising with His voice,
makes in a moment them all calm.

God of the armies, leader, chief,
the God of Jacob is for us:
and our protector He will be
against our adversaries all.
Come, raise your eyes then to behold,
each one of you now strain to see
the marvels that your God has done
in overcoming all His foes.

Only our God by His decree
can set at peace the whole wide earth,
and unopposed, can in the world
cause conflict to cease.
He it is who can break the bows,
shatter the warrior's spear to bits;
to chariots He will put His torch
and let them fall, consumed with fire.

Now be it known to every man
that God it is who must be feared;
because of His tremendous power,
throughout the world exalted be.
God, ruler over heaven's hosts,
for us will ever guardian be,
the God of Jacob will for us
refuge provide, us e'er preserve.

John Calvin

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