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God Knows all Things


                                          Matthew 17:22-27                                        



The Lord has perfect knowledge of all that is said and done in this world. It is evident that our Lord was not present when the men came to Peter with their question and received his answer (vv.24-25). And yet no sooner had Peter come into the house than our Lord spoke (v.25). He showed that He was as well acquainted with the conversa­tion as if He had been listening or standing by.
There is something unspeakably solemn in the thought that the Lord Jesus knows all things. There is an eye that sees our daily conduct. There is an ear that hears all our daily words. All things are naked and opened to the eyes of Him with whom we have to do (Heb. 4:13). Concealment is impossible. Hypocrisy is useless. We may deceive ministers. We may impose upon our relations and neighbours. But the Lord sees us through and through. We cannot deceive Christ.
We ought to endeavour to make practical use of this truth. We should strive to live as in the Lord’s sight and, like Abraham, to ‘walk before him’ (Gen. 17:1). Let it be our daily aim to say nothing we would not like Christ to hear and to do nothing we would not like Christ to see. Let us measure every difficult question by the simple test as to right and wrong: ‘How would I behave if Jesus was standing by my side?’ Such a standard is not extravagant or absurd. It is a standard that interferes with no duty or relation of life. It interferes with nothing but sin. Happy is he who tries to realize his Lord’s presence and to do all and say all as unto Christ.
The Lord has almighty power over all creation. He makes a fish His paymaster. He makes a dumb creature bring the tribute money to meet the collector’s demand. We see a literal fulfilment of the psalmist’s words (Ps. 8:6-8).
Here is demonstrated the majesty and greatness of the Lord. Only He who first created could at His will command the obedience of all His creatures (Col. 1:16-18).


J.C. Ryle



For meditation: If creatures obey His will because He made them, Christians should obey His will because He saved them. Of all creatures none should be more obedient than the saved sinner.


Suggested further reading: Psalm 8

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