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The Love Of Jesus;


Have you ever had people tell you that God deals with His children with “unconditional love”? Most of the time, they are looking for a way to express how generous and complete His love is….I’d like to propose that God’s love is much different and better than unconditional….God does not calmly gaze on you in benign affirmation. God cares too much to be unconditional in His love….While it is true that God’s love does not depend upon what you do, it very much depends on what Jesus Christ did for you.  In that sense, it is highly conditional.  It cost Jesus His life….Unconditional love? No, something much better, something costly and hard and generous….If you receive blanket acceptance, you need no repentance. You just accept it.  It fills you without humbling you…It does not insist on, or work at, changing you.  It deceives you about both God and yourself….God does not accept me just as I am; He loves me despite how I am.  He loves me just as Jesus is; He loves me enough to devote my life to renewing me in the image of Jesus….God has blessed me because His Son fulfilled the conditions I never could achieve.  Contrary to what I deserve, He loves me.  And now I can begin to change, not to earn love, but because I’ve already received it.  People who speak of unconditional love often mean well….But there is a good reason why the Bible tells us stories of amazing events, speaks in gripping metaphors, and unfolds detailed theology to inform us of God’s love.  It’s because you need something better than unconditional love.  You need the crown of thorns.  You need the touch of life bestowed on the dead son of the widow of Nain.  You need the promise to the repentant thief.  You need to know, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.”  You need forgiveness.  You need a Shepherd, a Father, a Savior.  You need to become like the One Who loves you.  You need the better love of Jesus.    


David Powlison

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