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I am told in the Word of God to believe.
What am I to believe? If I am bidden to look, to what am I to look?
What is to be the object of my hope, belief, and confidence?
The reply is simple. The object of Faith to a sinner is Christ Jesus.
How many make a mistake about this and think that they are to believe
on God the Father! Now, belief in God is an after-result of faith in Jesus.
We come to believe in the eternal love of the Father
as the result of trusting the precious blood of the Son.


Many men say, “I would believe in Christ if I knew that I were elect.”
This is coming to the Father, and no man can come to the Father except by Christ.
It is the Father’s work to elect; you cannot come directly to Him,
therefore you cannot know your election until first you have believed
on Christ the Redeemer, and then through redemption
you can approach to the Father, and know your election.


Some, too, make the mistake of looking to the work of God the Holy Spirit.
They look within to see if they have certain feelings, and if they find them,
their faith is strong; but if their feelings have departed from them,
then their faith is weak, so that they look to the work of the Spirit,
which is not the object of a sinner’s faith.
Both the Father and the Spirit must be trusted, in order to complete redemption.
But for the particular mercy of justification and pardon the blood of the Mediator
is the only plea. Christians have to trust the Spirit after conversion,
but the sinner’s business, if he would be saved,
is not with trusting the Spirit nor with looking to the Spirit,
but looking to Christ Jesus, and to Him alone.
I know your salvation depends on the whole Trinity,
but yet the first and immediate object of a sinner’s justifying faith
is neither God the Father, nor God the Holy Ghost,
but God the Son, incarnate in human flesh, and offering atonement for sinners...


.My dear friends, I have already said that no man will believe in Jesus,
unless he feels his need of Him. I have often said, and I repeat it again,
that I do not come to Christ pleading that I feel my need of Him,
but that I have a need of Him. The ground on which a man comes to Jesus,
is not as a sensible sinner, but as a sinner, and nothing but a sinner.
He will not come unless he is awakened; but when he comes, he does not say,
“Lord, I come to Thee because I am an awakened sinner, save me.”
But he says, “Lord, I am a sinner, save me.”
Not his awakening, but his sinnership
is the method and plan upon which he dares to come.


Faith, by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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