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Mark 8:1-10

(Matthew 15:32-39)


Suggested further reading: Philippians 4:10-20


How great is the kindness and compassion of our Lord! He saw around Him many people who had nothing to eat. He knew that the majority were following Him from no other motive than idle curiosity and had no claim whatever to be regarded as His disciples. Yet when He saw them hungry and destitute He pitied them (vv.1-3).


The feeling heart of our Lord appears in these words. He has compassion on those who are not His people — the faithless, the graceless, the followers of this world. He feels tenderly for them, though they know it not. He would receive them graciously and pardon them freely if they would only repent and believe on Him. Let us ever beware of measuring the love of Christ by any human measure. He has, beyond doubt, a special love for His own believing people. But He has a general love of compassion even for the unthankful and the evil. His love passes knowledge (Eph. 3:19).


Let us strive to make Jesus our pattern in this as well as in every­thing else. Let us be kind, courteous, compassionate and full of pity to all men. Let us be ready to do good to all men, and not only to the household of faith (Matt. 5:44; Rom. 12:20).


With Christ nothing is impossible. The disciples might well ask their question (v.4). Without the hand of Him who made the world out of nothing the thing could not be. But in the almighty hands of Jesus seven loaves and a few fishes were made sufficient to satisfy four thousand men. Nothing is too hard for the Lord.


We must never allow ourselves to doubt Christ’s power to supply the spiritual needs of His people. He has enough and to spare for all who trust in Him. Weak, infirm, corrupt, empty as believers feel themselves, let them never despair while Jesus lives. In Him there is a boundless store of mercy and grace for the use of all His believing people and ready to be bestowed on all who ask in prayer (Col. 1:19).


For meditation:    So often when we ask, ‘How?’ we should be asking, ‘To whom shall I go but to Him?’ As His authority is universal (Matt. 28:18), He does not have too many problems with our ‘impossible’!


Daily Readings – J.C. Ryle

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