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Only A Mother

Only A Mother


Nobody knows of the work it makes
to keep the home together,
nobody knows of the steps it takes,
nobody knows--but mother.


Nobody listens to childish woes,
which kisses only smother;
nobody's pained by naughty blows,
nobody--only mother.


Nobody knows of the sleepless care
bestowed on baby brother;
nobody knows of the tender prayer,
nobody--only mother.


Nobody knows of the lessons taught
of loving one another;
nobody knows of the patience sought,
nobody--only mother.


Nobody knows of the anxious fears,
lest darlings may not weather
the storm of life in after years,
nobody knows--but mother.


Nobody kneels at the throne above
to thank the Heavenly Father
for that sweetest gift--a mother's love;
nobody can--but mother.


Author Unknown

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