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The shining heap

The shining heap

A deceased person has left immense riches to a
near friend. Some envy, others wonder--and all
talk of it. But what can the bequeathed wealth do
for the survivor? Alas! the shining heap cannot . . .
  procure health,
  banish sickness,
  give peace of mind,
  secure against anguish and disquiet,
  defend against the wrinkles of old age,
  bribe devouring death!

What advantage then, shall the obtaining of this
vast wealth do to the possessor--who also in a little
while must be stripped of all by death? How happy,
then, to have my treasure laid up in heaven! For
death, instead of tearing me from my possession
like the men of the world--shall bring me to the
full enjoyment of my everlasting all!

I cannot always live--but must at some period die.
He is in a melancholy case--whom the prospect of
death makes melancholy. But thrice happy he who
rejoices in view of death. What are . . .
--in the hour of death, in the day of eternity?

Again, what are . . .
--in the hour of death, in the day of eternity?

Then, whenever the vanities or vexations of time
swell and appear big in my eyes, I will look to the
hour of death, to the day of eternity--and see
them decrease and forever disappear!


(James Meikle, "A Periodic Interview with
the King of Terrors"

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