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 On December 20, 2002 the Supreme Court brought down their decision on the Surrey School Board case. In a 7-2 decision, the Supreme Court interpreted wording in the Canadian Charter that refers to Protestant and Catholic to mean secular and Catholic.
“This is possibly the most offensive and discriminatory ruling that has ever come from Canada’s Supreme Court. It is bad enough to impose upon five and six-year-old children the idea that homosexuality is appropriate sexual behavior. But to impose the denial of all opinions that are based on religion is even more bizarre.” According to Brain Rushfeldt of the Canadian Family Action Coalition.
It goes much further than this by relegating all religious people to second-class citizenship.
Says Rushfeldt, “The Supreme Court has ruled that any opinion based on religious beliefs is invalid in the so-called public’ system. Thus if a parent, teacher or even school board trustee has an opinion on an issue, it will only be respected if it is a secular one. Any opinions based on religion will be discarded. Is Supreme Court discrimination against religion now the rule of law in Canada?”
The fact that the Supreme Court has now expanded its jurisdiction into interpreting provincial law and running school boards is also alarming for Canadians.
This antagonism against religion should cause every religious person to question whether they can and will continue to support the secular “public” system any longer, Rushfeldt says. “This decision renders the opinion and the will of all religious people as invalid. It also excludes religious people from being able to fulfill their role and duties as teachers, trustees and certainly as parents. As a religious parent, you are required to send your taxes and your children, but you will not be allowed to participate in the educational process.”
The Provinces will now have to decide whether to cave in to this high Court decision or to change their education acts to allow greater provincial autonomy in the development of education policies. And parents will have to make a decision whether to remove their children from this anti-religious secular public system.
CFAC’s President Roy Beyer points out, “It was 100% within the jurisdiction of both the parents and the school board to exclude materials that they considered offensive. The only reason the Supreme Court ruled against parents and trustees was because they were religious. If an atheist found some school materials offensive, their opinion would be valid. Religious Canadians no longer have equal rights as citizens in Canada.”

Beyer adds, “All religious people should be awakened to the antagonism of the court against people of faith.

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