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Old Testament Poem

Old Testament Poem




 OLD TESTAMENT Poem for memorization of Scripture...



 In GENESIS, the world was made;


 In EXODUS, the march was told;


 LEVITICUS contains the Law;


 In NUMBERS are the tribes enrolled.






 We're urged to keep God's law alone;


 And these five books of Moses make


 The oldest holy writing known.




 Brave JOSHUA to Canaan leads;


 In JUDGES oft the Jews rebel;


 We read of David's name in RUTH






 In FIRST and SECOND KINGS we read


 How bad the Hebrew state became;




 Another history of the same.




 In EZRA, captive Jews return,


 And NEHEMIAH builds the wall;


 Queen ESTHER saves her race from death;


 These books "historical" we call.




 In JOB we read of patient faith;


 In PSALMS are David's songs of praise;


 The PROVERBS are to make us wise;


 ECCLESIASTES next protrays,




 How fleeting earthly pleasures are;




 About true love, like Christ's, and these


 Five books "Devotional" we call.




 ISAIAH tells of Christ to come,


 While JEREMIAH tells of woe,


 And in his LAMENTATIONS mourns


 The Holy City's overthrow.




 EZEKIAL speaks of mysteries;


 And DANIEL foretells kings of old;


 HOSEA over Israel grieves;


 In JOEL blessings are foretold.




 In AMOS, too, are Israel's woes;


 And OBADIAH's sent to warn,


 While JONAH shows that Christ should die


 And MICAH where He should be born.




 In HAHUM Nineveh is seen;


 HABAKKUK tells of Chaldea's guilt;


 In ZEPHANIAH are Judah's sins;


 In HAGGAI the Temple's built.




 Then ZECHARIAH speaks of Christ;


 And MALACHI of John, His sing;


 The Prophets number seventeen,


 And all the books are thirty-nine...

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