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New Testament Poem

New Testament Poem




 NEW TESTAMENT poem for memorization of Scripture...





 Tell what Christ did in every place;


 The ACTS tell what the Apostles did,


 And ROMANS how we're saved by grace.




 CORINTHIANS instruct the church;


 GALATIANS show us Christ alone;


 EPHESIANS, true love, and in


 PHILIPPIANS God's grace is shown.




 COLOSSIANS tells us more of Christ,


 And THESSALONIANS of the end;


 In TIMOTHY and TITUS both


 Are rules for preachers to attand.




 PHILEMON, Christian friendship shows,


 Then HEBREWS clearly tells how all


 The Jewish law prefigured Christ;


 And these Epistles are by Paul.




 JAMES shows that faith by works must live,


 And PETER urges steadfastness;


 While JOHN exhorts to Christian love,


 For those who have it God will bless.




 JUDE shows the end of evil men,


 And REVELATION tells of Heaven;


 This is the end of the New Testament


 And all the books are twenty-seven.




 (Author unknown)

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