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I did not know His love before,


the way I know it now.


I could not see my need for Him,


my pride would not allow.


I had it all, without a care,


the "self-sufficient" lie.


My path was smooth, my sea was still,


not a cloud was in my sky.



I thought I knew His love for me,


I thought I'd seen His grace,


I thought I did not need to grow,


I thought I'd found my place.


But then the way grew rough and dark,


the storm clouds quickly rolled;


the waves began to rock my ship,


I found I had no hold.



The ship that I had built myself


was made of foolish pride.


It fell apart and left me bare,


with nowhere else to hide


I had no strength or faith to face


the trials that lay ahead,


and so I simply spoke His name


and bowed my weary head.



His loving arms enveloped me,


and then He helped me stand.


He said, "You still must face this storm,


but I will hold your hand."


So through the dark and lonely night


He guided me through pain.


I could not see the light of day


or when I'd smile again.



Yet through the pain and endless tears,


my faith began to grow.


I could not see it at the time,


but my light began to glow.


I saw God's love in a brand new light,


His grace and mercy, too.


For only when all self was gone


could Jesus' love shine through.



~Author Unknown~ (posted from "Christian Inspirations")

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