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I Am Learning, Lord

I Am Learning, Lord




My life has taken many falls


and tumbles 'long the way.


The many trials have left me


in a sure state of dismay.


For with each trial, I tried alone


to tend, and soothe, and mend,


instead of giving them to God -


and on Him just depend...



But, I am learning, Lord.


It seems that I was determined


to carry all the load.


I longed for smoother pathways.


Yet, I walked a rocky road.


Little did I understand,


God waited patiently


to pave a new beginning


with a better life for me.



But, I am learning, Lord.


It took a real disaster


to bring me to my knees;


to finally call upon the Lord


and say, "God help me, please."


He can, with no delaying,


with strong arms that could hold -


the weight of all my burdens;


He gladly took the load.



And, I am learning, Lord.


What a needless cross I carried,


all because I could not see -


what a friend I have in Jesus,


and the love He has for me.


Peace I find when troubles hover,


though' the outcome is unknown.


For if yet the road is rocky,


I won't walk it all alone.



For, I am learning, Lord.


Author; D. Sue Jones Horton.

Copyrighted in 1995.

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