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Gratitude a Gift from God

God has made me prove that “every good and perfect gift is from above.” You can no more work gratitude in your heart than you can faith or love. If it will redound to the glory of God, I am willing to tell you simply how He made me prove it. I was driven hard for £200. As I walked the fields, I said, “Good God, if Thou wilt help me, how I will praise, love, and bless Thee!” I could no more see the way in which I was to have it than I can see my way to the throne of England. I thought if God helped me, if I did not praise Him, the very stones would cry out; I felt I must, I could not help it. I said, “0 Lord, I will believe and trust in Thee as long as I live, and never doubt Thy goodness any more.” I thought I should make the hedges ring and echo. My friends, God gave me the money, and as soon as I had it in my hands, there was no more thankfulness in my heart than there is life in this cushion. When I went to pay it, my heart was as cold as the ground I walked on. I thought, “What a wretch I am! Did you not say how you would praise God?” But I could not do it. I did say with my lips, “Lord, I thank Thee,” but there was no heart in it. I thought, “Perhaps when I get the receipt, that will do it.” I came home as cold as I went out. I could no more bring my heart to gratitude than the devil. I remember a few days afterwards a little circumstance transpired in which I saw somewhat of the finger of God moving towards me, and my heart broke, and my eyes ran out with tears. That is the way God will teach us the riches of His grace. F. Covell

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