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To a vile Magdalene

To a vile Magdalene

(Gleanings from the Inner Life of Ruth Bryan)

Never had anyone . . .
     so rich a Banker,
     so kind a Husband,
     so tender a Shepherd,
     so forbearing a Captain--
as I have in my glorious Christ!

The more I venture--the more He encourages.

The bolder I am--the kinder He grows.

The more I expect--the more He gives.

I cannot tire or wear Him out, for He is full, yes,
fullness of grace, mercy, love, and compassion!

The one-half of His glory has never been expressed
by mortal tongue; nor the thousandth part of His
ravishments and condescension conceived by those
who have not felt them. This, this is my--oh yes!
my Beloved--and this is my Friend! Oh, what
mercy to have another love-glimpse of Him.

I look at myself with wonder of amazement and
overwhelming delight--because a monument of
saving, sovereign mercy! Happy! unspeakably
happy! Amazing miracle of superabounding love!

Hasten the day when in His full-orbed glory I shall
lose my sorrows and my sins forever! I adore and
magnify Him for His mercy--amazing mercy--to a
vile Magdalene
. Hallelujah! Amen!

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