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When the folks next to you, act like those in the zoo,
     a grumblin', growlin', and spittin',
it's a pretty good plan to be calm as you can,
     and do something useful, like knittin''.


When a gossiping Susan with poison-barbed tongue
     comes into the room where you're sittin',
and starts to defame a neighbor's good name,
     count stitches out loud, and keep knittin'.


When there's been a slight misunderstanding at church,
     and others hint broadly at quittin',
why, the very next thing you can do is to sing,
     and stay at the post, and keep knittin'.


When Satan moves in with his cohorts of sin,
     aay, "You'll never find me submittin',
you irk me, I find; so get thee behind,
     and please don't disturb me; I'm knittin'."


In the middle of problems, the big ones and small,
     it's always most proper and fittin',
to trust and to pray till the Lord shows the way,
     and go right ahead with your knittin'.


~Author unknown~

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