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There is none like Jesus!

There is none like Jesus!

(William S. Plumer, "Sinners Saved by Unmerited Kindness")

What is thy beloved more than another beloved?” Ecclesiastes 5:9


Our Beloved alone can do sinners good. His blood alone atones. 
He loved us unto death!

Jesus has at once an almighty armand a brother's heart!

None is more exaltedyet none stoops so low!

None is mightieryet none is more tender! He shall not
break the bruised reed, nor quench the smoking flax.

He is meek and lowly, merciful and mildat the same
time He is the omnipotent Jehovah!

He enlightens, purifies and comforts the heart!

His word cannot be broken!

His power cannot be resisted!

The law of heavenly kindness is in His heart!

Great is His faithfulness!

His royal titles are . . .
  Wonderful Counselor, 
  Mighty God,
  Everlasting Father,
  Prince of Peace!

To the pious, Jesus is the source of . .  .
  all hope,
  all joy,
  all peace,
  all life,
  all comfort.

Jesus is still as gentle, as kind, as tender as when He . . .
  wept at the grave of Lazarus,
  gave eyes to the blind, and feet to the lame,
  or granted mercy to a wretch hanging by His side.

In Him dwell all excellencies!

He is full of grace and truth!

He takes poor, vile, ignorant, guilty, helpless
sinnersraises them to sonship with God, and
makes them partakers of His holiness!

There is none like Himno, not one!

He is the chief among ten thousand!

Wherever He is, there is heaven!



 "Yea, he is altogether lovely. This is my beloved,


and this is my friend,” Ecclesiastes 5:16


"Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power,

and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour,

and glory, and blessing." Revelation 5:12


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